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Wedding in Groningen

Do you want your wedding to take place in Groningen, and are you looking for an experienced wedding planner to assist you in the overwhelming process of organising a wedding? Welcome to Winnie Weddings! Winnie knows the best locations around Groningen and has an extended network of high quality suppliers in Groningen.

With our inspiring ideas, experience and high quality services, you will be able to fully enjoy the preparations for your big day.

Are you interested in receiving more information? Please mail, call or fill in our quote request form. You will be contacted as soon as possible.

Winnie Weddings is also offering wedding planning services in other cities in Groningen, like Zuidwolde Gn, Eelderwolde, Noordwolde Gn, Adorp, Haren Gn, Matsloot, Garmerwolde, Aduard, Waterhuizen, Den Horn, Harkstede, Thesinge, Paterswolde, Sauwerd, Roderwolde, Bedum, Westerbroek, Oostwold Gem Leek, Wetsinge, Lageland, Den Ham Gn, Garnwerd, Peize, Onnen and Ten Boer.